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Premium Autohaus is a company with rich experience in car sales.
We have imported cars not only from Europe, but also from such countries as the USA, United Arab Emirates and other countries, exported cars to Georgia, Kazakhstan, Europe.
Through cooperation with long-standing partners in Germany, we deliver slightly used passenger cars and various types of commercial vehicles.



  • we are looking for a vehicle according to customer wishes at auctions of German leasing companies and at car dealerships

  • we check the history of the car and the accuracy of the data

  • we organize a sales transaction

  • we provide transportation to Latvia

  • we provide support in registration, technical inspection and technical maintenance;

  • we are supporting clients in the further maintenance of the cars technical condition.

The price of the service depends on the amount of financing - how much the customer makes the initial payment and how valuable the vehicle is.

Our customers have been upgrading and changing their car fleet with our help for many years - it is a great pleasure and pride for our company!

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